A Feast for the Senses: Photographer Faye Godwin’s Colour Work by Dr Geraldine Alexander

16 February 2024 @ 2:30 pm
Towner Cinema,
£12 (EAC Members £10)

Following on from Geraldine’s previously delivered lectures on the British photographer, Fay Godwin, she’s back with a third instalment. This time Geraldine’s focus turns to Fay Godwin’s colour work.

Whereas the monochromes documented sites of literary exploration, followed by examples of despoilment and cries for greater access, her later images emerged from a need to withdraw from the great outdoors. Using a macro lens, Fay closed in on her subjects, to examine the in-between spaces, and relished the unexpected rewards they revealed. Exhibited as ‘Glassworks and Secret Lives’, the work was generally perceived as being more mellow and introspective, eliciting, a variety of polarised responses from many who had followed her career. To those who felt she had strayed out of her genre, her response was characteristically resistant, and made her more determined to carry on, which begs the question: was this ‘a curious footnote’ in the photographer’s career, or did this creative flourish finally release the artist within?

Dr Geraldine Alexander is an art historian and researcher who spent years working on the archive of 20th century photographer Fay Godwin.

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