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New Online Shop for Eastbourne Arts Circle Events

Starting with the event in the Spring 2024 edition of our magazine,   our new online shop for the purchase of tickets for events and renewing your subscription is now open.

If you want to purchase tickets using your card, please use our online shop as it is more secure than posting the details on our ticket order form, as your card number is not revealed to our ticket office manager.

To find our online shop on the internet, please click this link

If you buy tickets this way, you will get an immediate acknowledgement of sale.  We will follow this up with an email ticket in the next 24-48 hours from our box office.

(If renewing joint membership please purchase one Joint Membership only)

Eastbourne Arts Circle Christmas Lunch in 2023

The Eastbourne Arts Circle 2024 AGM will be taking place on Fri 15th March 2024. at 2pm

The AGM will be held prior to the lecture by Dr J Labno. Her lecture will start at 2.30pm

The Notice of the meeting was circulated to members with the Spring 2024 edition of the Eastbourne Arts Circle Magazine.

A link to the full agenda, report and accounts will be circulated to members approx one week prior to the AGM. To save the cost of paper, we ask that all members who require a copy of the AGM papers at the meeting bring  a copy with them, as copies will NOT be available for circulation at the meeting.