1. Title

The name of the charity is The Eastbourne Arts Circle

2. Objectives

The objectives of the Society are:

  • To support and assist the Towner Art Gallery
  • To encourage and foster the appreciation of the arts in Eastbourne by the organisation of meetings, exhibitions, concerts lectures and other related activities
  • To supplement facilities provided at the Towner Art Gallery by the Borough Council

3. Membership

  • Ordinary Membership is open to any person willing to pay an annual subscription as may be approved at a General Meeting
  • Corporate Membership is open to Companies, Colleges, Schools and other Organisations willing to pay a minimum annual subscription ?.or some greater sum as may be approved at a General Meeting
  • Any member whose subscription remains unpaid for more than 6 months shall cease to be a member.

4. Management Committee

The management of the Society?s affairs is vested in a committee comprising the following persons:

  • The President Ex officio
  • The Vice-presidents Ex officio
  • The Artistic Director of the Towner
  • The Honorary Treasurer
  • The Honorary Secretary
  • A representative of Eastbourne Borough Council together with 10 elected members

5. President

The Mayor of Eastbourne for the time being, if willing to act, is the President of the Society. In the event of the Mayor being unwilling to act, the Deputy Mayor may be invited to accept the office of President.

6. Vice Presidents

The Society in an Annual General Meeting may elect such persons as it thinks fit to be vice-presidents of the society, but not exceeding three in numbers at any one time.

7. Honorary Treasurer

The Society in its Annual General Meeting shall elect an honorary treasurer who shall be responsible for the proper keeping of the Society?s accounts, and for the administration of the funds of the Society.

8. Honorary Secretary

The Society in its Annual General Meeting shall elect an honorary secretary who shall be responsible for the day to day affairs of the Society and shall also make suitable arrangements for the recording of the proceedings at all meetings.

9. Elected Members

The Society in its Annual General Meeting shall elect, from among its member?s 10 persons to serve on the Management Committee. In the case of each Corporate Membership, only one representative member may be nominated for election to the Management Committee.

10. Tenure of Office

Each member of the Management Committee, except the President, shall hold office only from the end of the meeting at which he or she was elected until the end of the next Annual General Meeting of the Society. Any member may be re-elected for a further term.

11. Meetings of the Society

  • The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of March or April each year
  • An extraordinary meeting may be convened at any time upon a request signed by five or more members of the Society stating the object of the meeting and submitted to the Chairman or the Honorary Secretary.

12. Meeting Notice

Not less than fourteen days notice in writing of meetings shall be sent to all members of the Society. Non receipt of notice of a meeting by any member entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at the meeting.

13. Quorum

There shall be a quorum with six members including one honorary officer is present.

14. Voting

Every matter shall be decided on a show of hands. Each Corporate Membership shall be entitled to one vote. The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

15. Meetings of the Management Committe

Meetings may be called as often as the Chairman considers necessary, and in the absence of the Chairman may be called by two members of the Committee. At least 5 days notice of meetings shall be given. There shall be a quorum when three members, including one of the honorary officers are present.

16. Chairman

At the first meeting of the Management Committee each year a Chairman shall be appointed from among those persons elected to serve on the Management Committee. The Chairman, shall also act as Chairman at General or extraordinary meetings of the Society.

17. Co-opted Members

The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three members, having regard to their particular talents, influence or expertise.

18. Banking Accounts

The Management Committee shall maintain such banking accounts as it thinks fit, into which shall be paid all sums for the time being belongs to the Society. One member of those members of the committee who have been approved to sign cheques shall sign cheques. Only a single signature shall be required for cheques up to ?300.00; any two signatures will be required for cheques over ?300.00, One of the signatories will normally be the Honorary Treasurer.

19. Investment of Funds

The Management Committee shall make suitable arrangements for the investment of monies standing to the credit of such banking accounts and not required for immediate working purposes.

20. Annual Accounts

The financial year of the Society shall end on the 31st December each year and the accounts of the Society shall be presented by the Honorary Treasurer at the next Annual General Meeting after that date. The accounts shall be audited by a person or persons appointed by the Management Committee for that purpose.

21. Alteration

The rules contained in this Constitution may be altered or revoked by the Society in an Annual General Meeting, subject always to any proposal to amend the rules being notified to the Honorary Secretary in writing at least twenty eight days before the meeting at which the proposal is to be moved.