Female Artists of the Italian Renaissance by Emma Rose Barker

8 October 2021 @ 2:30 pm
Towner Art Gallery
£12 (EAC Members £10)

It is common to attribute an emerging artistic identity to the Italian Renaissance artist.  It is a commonplace that we regard them as male and yet there existed many female artists during this period.  Unsurprisingly they are less well known, but no less talented. After all, treatises of the time encouraged women to paint, but it was frowned upon to make a career out of the skill. However, they studied anatomy and the classical model just like their male counterparts and they trained often as manuscript illuminators before they became painters.  This illustrated lecture will explore some of the most exceptional female painters such as Plautilla Nelli, Sofonisba Anguissola and Lavinia Fontana. They painted religious subjects, intimate family portraits and patrician men and women of medicine and learning and they even courted patrons such as King Philip II of Spain and were admired by later artists such as Van Dyck.

Emma Rose Barber is a tutor, lecturer and art historian.

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