AGM – Friday 17th March 2017 at the Towner Art Gallery

The Annual General Meeting of the Eastbourne Arts Circle took  place  in the Junction Box of the Towner Art Gallery, on Friday 17th March 2017.

The following officers and committee were elected

Chairman – Dr Helen Rufus-Ward

Vice Chairman – Mrs Elizabeth Muir-Lewis

Secretary – Mrs Christine Gawad

Treasurer – Mr Philip Anson

Newsletter Editor – Ms Claire Patterson-Snell


Committee Members: Mr Stephen Lloyd,  Ms Wendy Bishop



A copy of the 2016 accounts can be viewed by clicking here










New Auditorium at Towner Art Gallery nearing completion

New Towner Cinema (8-6-17)

Members of the Eastbourne Arts Circle will be pleased to know that the new 88 seat auditorium on the ground floor of the Towner Art Gallery is now virtually complete. A picture of the facility is shown above. The Eastbourne Arts Circle hopes to have their monthly lecture meetings held here  from Serptember 2017