Il Trittico – An Opera by Puccini – DVD Showing
Oct 25 @ 2:00 pm



Il Trittico are three short one act operas by Giacomo Puccini intended to be played together although this rarely if ever happens! Each opera is approximately one hour long, so EAC will be playing two of them.  We have chosen Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi (the third opera is Il Tabarro which will not be played.)

Suor Angelica. This production, by Richard Jones, in set in a children’s hospital run by nuns. The main character is sister Angelica, sung by Ermoneta Jano.  It is the story of a young aristocratic girl who has had a child out of wedlock. Her family has shunned her and condemned her to the hospital, and never to see her child again.  One day her aristocratic and frightening aunt (sung by Anna Larson) comes to see her to inform her that her child has died. This poignant and moving opera, with the tragic figure of Angelica at the centre, has been compared to Madame Butterfly for its emotional intensity.

A complete contrast is Gianni Schicchi.  This Royal Opera production is also by Richard Jones, updated from the 13th century to the era of “La Dolce Vita“. It is a riotous and comical opera, with the central character Gianni Schicchi (sung by Lucio Gallo.) The plot is hilarious, with a fine ensemble of relatives who are about to be fooled out of the inheritance they had plotted for. The only quiet moment comes with the aria everyone knows O mio babbino caro.

The opera will be sung in the original Italian with English subtitles.

We commence our afternoon at 2pm and not 2.30, to give you all a chance to enjoy this wonderful music without being hurried. Robert Ascott will be on hand to answer questions.

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The Great Exhibition by Dr Prasannajit De Silva
Nov 8 @ 2:30 pm


The Great Exhibition of 1851 (sometimes known as the Crystal Palace due to Paxton’s cast iron and plate clad structure) took place in Hyde Park from 1st May to 15th October 1851.The brain child of Prince Albert, its format, scale, profits and visitor numbers was unprecedented and proved to be the first in a series of World Fairs showcasing the very best of commerce and industry.

The Great Exhibition is widely regarded as a grand statement of Victorian technological prowess, but it actually took place against a background of widespread concern about the state of industrial design in Britain.  So, what were the real aims of those behind the Exhibition?  Why was it such a huge success at the time?  And what was its lasting impact?

Dr Prasannajit De Silva is an art historian, university lecturer and accredited Arts Society speaker.



The Nativity in Art, by Dr Helen Rufus-Ward
Dec 13 @ 2:30 pm


The Nativity, with the Adoration of the Magi and the Shepherds, is one of the most popular subjects in Christian art. Starting with the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, this lecture will explore the surprising idiosyncrasies of this much contested site, including a rift between the Catholics and the Greek Orthodox clergy over the marker of the actual birth in the church’s grotto that might have been a cause of the Crimea War!  This will be followed by an examination of a number of key paintings from the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods in order to see how the Nativity imagery has developed and changed over the centuries. Early depictions favoured the portrayal of a ‘real’ birth whilst later imagery represented  a totally ‘miraculous’ birth!


Dr Helen Rufus-Ward is a published art historian, university lecturer and accredited speaker for the Arts Society

(Picture is: Mosaics Byzantine Greece C11, Nativity, Katholikon nave south east squinch, Hosius Loukas )