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Towner Art Gallery Gets a multicoloured look for the next year.

Following a competition. The Towner Art Gallery recently commissioned  artist Lothar Götz, to design a new colour scheme for the outside walls of the Towner Art Gallery. This will be in place for the next year, until the whole building is repainted. The commission was sponsored by Brewers Ltd the decorating company, who provided all the paint for the project, as well as a team to actually apply the art to the walls.

(Brewers’ Towner Commission: Lothar Götz, Dance Diagonal (detail), Towner Art Gallery, 2019. Photo by Duncan Adams )

Shopping at Amazon? How to make money for the Eastbourne Arts Circle




You can now give money to the Eastbourne Arts Circle, Just by doing your shopping.

When you shop online at Amazon, please log into


You will be given a drop down list of Charities


When shopping at AMAZON in future log on to their website via



And our charity will receive 5p for every £10 you spend on their web site.

Eastbourne Arts Circle Donates £10,000 to the Towner Art Gallery


Eastbourne Arts Circle use the profits they make from putting on events at the Towner Art Gallery and legacies that they  receive to help the gallery purchase works of  Art  and make other investments in the building that would otherwise be unable to afford. In mid 2017 we donated £100,000 towards the cost of   the new Towner Cinema and later that year agreed to donate £10,000 each year, for the next 5 years, in December each year.

In early 2019 we gave an additional £10,000 from our balances, that still contained money from the Sally Sainsbury bequest, so that we could be known as the sole sponsor of the new Ravillious Room at the Gallery.

On Friday 13 December, just before the afternoon lecture, by our chairman, Dr Helen Rufus-Ward the committee presented Mr Jo Hill,  the Director of the Towner Art Gallery with our annual donation of £10,000. We will bring you further news on this web-site when we know  on what the gallery intends to spend the money.

Members will be pleased to know that our events have been so successful in 2019, that we have made enough profit on the events taking place throughout the year to cover the value of this donation.

(The picture above (left to right) shows:-  Mr Jo Hill (Director- Towner Art Gallery), Dr Helen Rufus-Ward (Chairman – Eastbourne Arts Circle), Mr Derek Irving,  Ms Helena Birch (Committee Members – Eastbourne Arts Circle) and Sir Philip Anson (Treasurer – Eastbourne Arts Circle)